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Monday, December 3, 2018
10:00-13:45On Site Registration
13:45-14:00Opening Session
14:00-14:30KeynoteRichard BlahutThe Lightwave Channel: Particles or Waves?
SS1: Signal Processing in Life SciencesChairpersons: Werner Henkel, Jacobs Univ. Bremen, Germany and Peter Höher, Univ. Kiel, Germany
14:30-15:00KeynoteRobert SchoberSynthetic Molecular Communication: Fundamentals, Opportunities, and Challenges
15:00-15:30KeynoteTze-Yang Tung, Urbashi MitraIncreasing Robustness to Synchronization Errors in Molecular Communications
15:30-15:50Martin Damrath; Peter A. HoeherEXIT-Chart-Aided Code Matching in Molecular Communications
15:50-16:10Dawit Andualem Nigatu; Werner HenkelMultilevel Capacities for the Codon Mutation Channel
16:10-16:30Coffee Break
16:30-17:00KeynoteRaymond YeungNetwork Coding in Action
MO1: Iterative Signal ProcessingChairperson: Peter Höher, Univ. Kiel, Germany
17:00-17:20Yi Liu; Z. He; Xiaoyan Kuai; Xiaojun YuanLearning Based Interference Cancellation for Cognitive Radio
17:20-17:40Hans-Andrea Loeliger; Boxiao Ma; Hampus Malmberg; Federico WadehnFactor Graphs with NUV Priors and Iteratively Reweighted Descent for Sparse Least Squares and More
17:40-18:00Kyubihn Lee; Nam Yul YuImprovement of Greedy Algorithms With Prior Information for Sparse Signal Recovery
18:00-18:20Nicolas Alibert; Karine Amis; Charlotte Langlais; Damien CastelainIterative Adaptive Signal Predistortion for Satellite Communications
19:00Welcome reception
Tuesday, December 4, 2018
9:00-9:30KeynoteErdal ArıkanPolar Codes for Terabit/s Data Rates
SS2: Polar Coding: Innovative Code Design and Decoding AlgorithmsChairperson: Ingmar Land, Huawei, France
9:30-9:50Ling Liu; Cong LingAlgebraic Polar Lattices for Fast Fading Channels
9:50-10:10Mohammad Rowshan; Emanuele ViterboStepped List Decoding for Polar Codes
10:10-10:30Seyyed Ali Hashemi; Nghia Doan; Marco Mondelli; Warren GrossDecoding Reed-Muller and Polar Codes by Successive Factor Graph Permutations
10:30-10:50Valerio Bioglio; Ingmar Land; Frederic Gabry; Jean-Claude BelfioreFlexible Design of Multi-Kernel Polar Codes by Reliability and Distance Properties
10:50-11:20Coffee Break
TU1: Polar CodesChairperson: Baoming Bai, Xidian University, China
11:20-11:50KeynoteJean-Claude BelfioreAdvanced Concepts in Polar Code Design
11:50-12:10Mathieu Léonardon; Camille Leroux; Pekka Jääskeläinen; Christophe Jego; Yvon SavariaTransport Triggered Polar Decoders
12:10-12:30Peihong Yuan; Fabian SteinerEfficient Decoding Algorithms for Polar Codes based on 2X2 Non-Binary Kernels
12:30-12:50Valerio Bioglio; Ingmar LandOn the Marginalization of Polarizing Kernels
14:00-14:30KeynoteShu Lin; Khaled Abdel-Ghaffar; Juane Li; Keke LiuCollective Encoding and Iterative Soft-Decision Decoding of Cyclic Codes of Prime Lengths in Galois-Fourier Transform Domain
SS3: Multiple Access and Coding Techniques for 5G Systems and BeyondChairperson: Chunlin Yan, ZTE, China
14:30-15:00KeynoteYifei YuanNOMA Study in 3GPP for 5G
15:00-15:30KeynoteXiaojie Wang; Sebastian Cammerer; Stephan ten BrinkNear Gaussian Multiple Access Channel Capacity Detection and Decoding
15:30-15:50Jian Song; Yushu ZhangOn Construction of Rate-Compatible Raptor-Like QC-LDPC Code for Enhanced IDMA in 5G and Beyond
15:50-16:10Yang Guiwu; Kai Kang; Jianhao Hu; Qiu Huang; Yujing LinFast Convergence Stochastic LDPC Decoder Based on Edge Memory Structure
16:10-18:30Coffee Break + Posters
Sheng Jiang; Pengwei Zhang; Francis C.M. Lau; Chiu Wing Sham; Kechao HuangA Turbo-Hadamard Encoder/Decoder System with Hundreds of Mbps Throughput
Mahdi Nouri Boroujerdi; Aliazam Abbasfar; Mohammad GhanbariEfficient beamforming scheme in distributed massive MIMO system
Sinan KahramanStrange Attractor in Density Evolution
Ali Dehghan; Amir BanihashemiComputing the Asymptotic Expected Multiplicity of Elementary Trapping Sets (ETSs) in Random LDPC Code Ensembles
Jan SykoraIterative Double-Loop Hierarchical Decoding with Soft-Aided Bit-Wise H-SODEM in WPNC Networks
Wenchao Lin; Suihua Cai; Jiachen Sun; Xiao Ma; Baodian WeiA Low Latency Coding Scheme: Semi-Random Block Oriented Convolutional Code
Estefania Recayte; Francisco Lázaro; Gianluigi LivaCaching at the Edge with LT Codes
Shangyao Huang; Hanxu Hou; Yunghsiang Sam HanAn Improved MDS Condition of Blaum-Bruck-Vardy Codes
Ali Payani; Faramarz FekriDecoding LDPC Codes on Binary Erasure Channels using Deep Recurrent Neural-Logic Layers
Xin Dou; Min Zhu; Ji Zhang; Baoming BaiSoft-Decision Based Sliding-Window Decoding of Staircase Codes
Motohiro Kawasumi; Kenta KasaiA Message-passing Algorithm Realizing MAP Decoding of Klove's Permutation Codes
Xi Yan; Raquel Guerreiro Machado; Kechao Huang; Frederic Gabry; Marc Fossorier; Hartmut Hafermann; Huijian Zhang; Ingmar Land; Raymond Wai Kong LeungCapacity Analysis of Delayed Bit Interleaved Coded Modulation
Ronald Garzón Bohórquez; Rami Klaimi; Charbel Abdel Nour; Catherine DouillardMitigating Correlation Problems in Turbo Decoders
Nazia Islam; Werner HenkelInformation Forwarding in LDPC Decoding for Markov Sources
Chulong Liang; Yang Hu; Chunlin Yan; Li PingInterleave Division Multiple Access for High Overloading Applications
Gianluigi Liva; Hannes BartzProtograph-based Quasi-Cyclic MDPC Codes for McEliece Cryptosystems
Xiaoyan Kuai; Xiaojun Yuan; Ying-Chang LiangBayesian Message-Passing Based OFDM Receiver for Doubly-Spread Multipath Channels
Yi Lei; Alex Alvarado; Bin Chen; Xiong Deng; Zizheng Cao; Jianqiang Li; Kun XuDecoding Staircase Codes with Marked Bits
Ali Dehghan; Amir BanihashemiOn Counting Short Cycles of LDPC Codes Using the Tanner Graph Spectrum
Meng Li; Andre Bourdoux; Veerle Derudder; Andy Dewilde; Claude Desset; Yanxiang HuangA 100 Gbps LDPC Decoder for the IEEE 802.11ay Standard
Linqi SongA Binary Randomized Coding Scheme for Pliable Index Coding with Multiple Requests
Albin Severinson; Alexandre Graell i Amat; Eirik Rosnes; Francisco Lázaro; Gianluigi LivaA Droplet Approach Based on Raptor Codes for Distributed Computing With Straggling Servers
Lei Cheng; Lijun ZhangExponents of Hybrid Multi-Kernel Polar Codes
Shuyang Jiang; Clayton Schoeny; Lara DolecekAn Interactive Algorithm for Synchronizing from Burst Deletions
Xue Tan; Ji Zhang; Baoming Bai; Min Zhu; Xiao MaMultiplicative Repetition-Based Partial Superposition Transmission with Nonbinary Codes
Tobias Prinz; Peihong YuanSuccessive Cancellation List Decoding of BMERA Codes with Application to Higher-Order Modulation
Wednesday, December 5, 2018
9:00-9:30KeynoteRüdiger UrbankeTo be announced
WE1: LDPC CodesChairperson: Charbel Abdel Nour, IMT Atlantique
9:30-9:50Siyu Chen; Brian Michael Kurkoski; Eirik RosnesConstruction D' Lattices from Quasi-Cyclic Low-Density Parity-Check Codes
9:50-10:10Balazs Matuz; Federico Clazzer; Sarah J Johnson; Sachini Jayasooriya; Mahyar ShirvanimoghaddamLDPC Code Design for Asynchronous Random Access
10:10-10:30Xin Xiao; Bane Vasic; Shu Lin; Khaled Abdel-Ghaffar; William RyanGirth-Eight Reed-Solomon Based QC-LDPC Codes
10:30-10:50Xijin Mu; Huaan Li; Chao Chen; Jinhong Yuan; Baoming BaiA New Algebraic-Based Method for Constructing Protograph LDPC Codes
10:50-11:10Coffee Break
SS4: Iterative Signal Processing in MIMO SystemsChairperson: Jinhong Yuan, University of New South Wales, Australia
11:10-11:30Zahran Hajji; Karine Amis; Abdeldjalil Aïssa-El-BeyJoint Channel Estimation and Simplicity-Based Detection for Large-Scale MIMO FEC-Coded Systems
11:30-11:50Chandan Pradhan; Ang Li; He Chen; Yonghui Li; Branka VuceticLow Latency mmWave Backhaul via Traffic Dispersion
11:50-12:10Zhuo Sun; Zhiqiang Wei; Lei Yang; Jinhong Yuan; Xingqing Cheng; Wan LeiJoint User Identification and Channel Estimation in Massive Connectivity with Transmission Control
12:10-12:30Zhaoyang Zhang; Jue Wang; Xiao Cai1-bit Compressive Diffusion Based on Bayesian Inference
Thursday, December 6, 2018
TH1: Spatially Coupled FEC CodesChairperson: Michael Lentmaier, Lund University, Sweden
9:00-9:20Shuangyang Li; Ji Zhang; Baoming Bai; Xiao Ma; Jinhong YuanSelf-Superposition Transmission: A Novel Method for Enhancing Performance of Convolutional Codes
9:20-9:40Kevin Klaiber; Sebastian Cammerer; Laurent Schmalen; Stephan ten BrinkAvoiding Burst-like Error Patterns in Windowed Decoding of Spatially Coupled LDPC Codes
9:40-10:00Yen-Chin Liao; Shu Lin; Hsie-Chia ChangScalable Globally-Coupled Low-Density Parity Check Codes
10:00-10:20Eshed Ram; Yuval CassutoSpatially Coupled LDPC Codes with Random Access
10:20-10:50KeynoteDan Costello; David G. M. Mitchell; Pablo M. Olmos; Michael LentmaierSpatially Coupled Generalized LDPC Codes – Introduction and Overview
10:50-11:10Coffee Break
11:10-11:40KeynoteClaus Kestel; Matthias Herrmann; Norbert WehnWhen Channel Coding Hits the Implementation Wall
SS5: FEC for Future Communication Systems: Implementation IssuesChairperson: Catherine Douillard, IMT Atlantique France
11:40-12:00Stefan Weithoffer; Charbel Abdel Nour; Norbert Wehn; Catherine Douillard; Claude Berrou25 Years of Turbo Codes: From Mb/s to beyond 100 Gb/s
12:00-12:20Pascal Giard; Alexios Balatsoukas-Stimming; Andreas BurgOn the Tradeoff Between Accuracy and Complexity in Blind Detection of Polar Codes
12:20-12:40François Leduc-Primeau; Elsa Dupraz; Francois GagnonLow-Latency LDPC Decoding Achieved by Code and Architecture Co-Design
12:40-13:00Chris Winstead; Emmanuel Boutillon; Fakhreddine Ghaffari; Tasnuva TithiRecent Advances on Stochastic and Noise Enhanced Methods in Error Correction Decoders
14:00-14:30KeynoteLara DolecekFinite-length Spatial Coupled Codes: Explicit Constructions and Applications in Data Storage
TH2: LDPC DecodersChairperson: Charlotte Langlais, IMT Atlantique
14:30-14:50Ali Dehghan; Amir BanihashemiComputing the Asymptotic Expected Multiplicity of Leafless Elementary Trapping Sets (LETSs) in Random Irregular LDPC Code Ensembles
14:50-15:10Yann Delomier; Bertrand Le Gal; Jeremie Crenne; Christophe JegoModel-based Design of Efficient LDPC Decoder Architectures
15:10-15:30Franklin Cochachin Henostroza; Emmanuel Boutillon; David DeclercqOptimization of Sign-Preserving Noise-Aided Min-Sum Decoders with Density Evolution
15:30-15:50Florian Gensheimer; Tobias Dietz; Stefan Ruzika; Kira Kraft; Norbert WehnA Low-Complexity Projection Algorithm for ADMM-Based LP Decoding
15:50:16:10Coffee Break
SS6: Approximate Message Passing: Theory and ApplicationsChairperson: Henry Pfister, Duke University, USA
16:10-16:40KeynoteYoshiyuki KabashimaSemi-Analytic Resampling in Lasso
16:40-17:00Mengke Lian, Henry PfisterIterative Reconstruction Algorithms for Compressive Sensing based on Relaxed Belief Propagation
17:00-17:20Cindy RushCapacity-Achieving Spatially-Coupled Sparse Regression Codes with Approximate Message Passing Decoders
17:20-17:40Junjie Ma; Lei Liu; Xiaojun Yuan; Li PingIterative Detection in Coded Linear Systems Based on Orthogonal AMP
Welcome Drink
Friday, December 7, 2018
9:00-9:30KeynoteMichael LentmaierDesign Criteria for Spatially Coupled Turbo-like Codes
SS7: Ultra-High Throughput Coding for Fibre-Optical and B5G Wireless CommunicationsChairperson: Ingmar Land, Huawei, France
9:30-9:50Alireza Sheikh; Alexandre Graell i Amat; Gianluigi Liva; Christian Häger; Henry D PfisterOn Low-Complexity Decoding of Product Codes for High-Throughput Fiber-Optic Systems
9:50-10:10Fabian Steiner; Gerhard KramerOptimization of Bit Mapping and Quantized Decoding for Off-the-Shelf Protograph LDPC Codes with Application to IEEE 802.3ca
10:10-10:30Vincent Pignoly; Bertrand Le Gal; Christophe Jego; Benjamin GadatHigh Data Rate and Flexible Hardware QC-LDPC Decoder for Satellite Optical Communications
10:30-10:50Guido Montorsi; Sergio BenedettoHigh Throughput Two-Stage Soft/Hard Codecs for Optical Communications
10:50-11:10Coffee Break
FR1: Iterative Receiver PrinciplesChairperson: Xiaojun Yuan, University of Electronic Science and Engineering of China, China
11:10-11:30Jan Lewandowsky; Maximilian Stark; Gerhard Bauch A Discrete Information Bottleneck Receiver with Iterative Decision Feedback Channel Estimation
11:30-11:50Rami Klaimi; Charbel Abdel Nour; Catherine Douillard; Joumana FarahLow-complexity Decoders for Non-binary Turbo Codes
11:50-12:10Takanori Hara; Koji Ishibashi; Soon Xin Ng; Lajos HanzoLow-Complexity Generator Polynomial Search for Turbo Trellis-Coded Spatial Modulation Using Symbol-based EXIT Charts
12:10-12:30Shayan Hassanpour; Dirk Wübben; Armin DekorsyA Graph-Based Message Passing Approach for Joint Source-Channel Coding via Information Bottleneck Principle